It's a Game Changer

An opportunity to boost economic growth and industrialisation, alleviate poverty and improve people’s lives. The use of digital technology and services drives innovation, economic growth and job creation in many key sectors of the economy, and allows for greater interconnection of national, regional and international markets with one another and with the rest of the world.

Digital transformation permits cities, towns and villages to offer education, healthcare, energy, transport, agriculture, and mobility/transport to deliver huge socio-economic growth across its local populations and communities.

Digital transformation

The Earth 3.0 Foundation collaborates with governments and communities, at national and municipality levels, hand-in-hand with local companies, start-ups and workforces, to create a digital future, investing and delivering the skills capacity-building required on the ground to ensure independent sustainability.

This Digital Transformation is achieved through our 5 DT Goals:


Affordable internet for everyone




Core digital services


Smart cities/villages



Goal 1:

Affordable Internet

for everyone

Delivery of a minimum 4G LTE service to populations and communities who are currently excluded Internet access due to lack of coverage or problems of affordability of serviced and mobile devices. Backhaul, fibre-optic, microwave, micro-grids, Wi-Fi, and alternative green energy technologies to best match existing infrastructure, population densities and coverage needed.

Goal 2:

Digital currency


The Earth 3.0 Foundation supports the adoption of the Hoozie digital currency and its socio-economic model for driving national and local growth – first launched in Guadalajara (Mexico) in October 2021

Goal 3:

Core digital services​

Building from​

“Affordable Internet Access” and using “Digital Currency”, The Earth 3.0 Foundation helps governments serve the 1st phase of critical needs of its citizens through digital transformation

Goal 4:

Smart cities/villages​

IoT, 5G/6G, AI/ML, Edge/Cloud Computing, and other SOTA ​

Goal 5:

Digital twins​

Are the Key

to understanding the complex ecosystems that underly cities and towns.

Digital twins are decision-making tools for government and city stakeholders by modelling the physical world.

Urban planning, mobility simulation, monitoring of traffic or lighting, and predictions or forecasting of issues such as energy and water, are all possible today, through Digital Twins.